Thought Field Therapy

How Does It Work?

The awareness of the energy system as an instrument of healing has been around for over two thousand years. However, understanding energy disruption as the primary cause of emotional distress is a new way of thinking. When we think about things (positive or negative) our bodies react accordingly. Think about the last time you had a nightmare. What happened to your emotional and physical responses? Maybe you were scared, your heart pounding or you felt paralyzed. Was the dream an actual event? No, it was in your imagination (or your thinking mind) and your body/mind reacted as though the dream was real. The same thing happens when you think about a problem; you re-experience the event as though it is happening now. Once that happens we can treat it.

Each major organ in our bodies has an energy meridian running through it. Each carries a specific emotional charge and each emotional problem has a combination of those charges (algorithms or “recipes”) which must be collapsed (switched off) before the problem can be resolved. We do that by touching the body over each of the 12 major organs while pushing on the extended arm of the subject we are treating to see if the arm remains strong or weakens. Weak arms indicate that the body organ/meridian is involved in the problem being treated. When we discover all the weak responses we have located the ones responsible for keeping the negative emotional state ’turned on’. Tapping with our fingers, on those testing weak, collapses them (turns off the problem state) thus alleviating the problem being treated.