Services and Training

Level 1: Algorithm training for certification as a TFT-Algo therapist is a two day workshop covering TFT theory and the treatment of phobias, traumas, addictive urges, anger, stress, depression, physical pain, guilt, embarrassment, shame, obsession, rage, panic attacks, the various levels of psychological reversal and barriers to peak performance. It is designed for individuals who will use TFT Algorithms to assist others. Training at this level meets ATFT standards. 12 CE’s are offered for MFT and Social Workers.

Level 2: TFT Diagnostic level training is offered only after the trainee has certification as a TFT-Algo therapist. You will learn basic skill review, how to work with complex problems and address chronic and recurring issues, including the effects and resolution of problems involving energy toxins. 12 CE’s.

Level 3: Optimal Health: Advanced self and long distance treatment skills. Prerequisite, all of the above. 12 CE’s.

Be Your Own Pet Therapist: Everything you need to know before choosing a pet, bringing one home, and how to change pet 12 CE’s behavior using TFT. (book available on Amazon).

The five minute phobia cure and relaxation cure
Be your own pet therapist
Stress in the workplace
Introduction to thought Field Therapy

WEBINARS: Available on request and/or check site for announcements