matchmakerBe Your Own Matchmaker: You can’t get what you want when you don’t know what it is. Author: Susan Wright Kramer, LCSW PHD.

Published by Kendall/Hunt  ISBN 0-7872-4185-7  (out of print but available from the author at


Synopsis: There are many books on matchmaking, dating etc; but none that spell out, step by step, a plan of action which tells exactly what you must do to change your life and find a romantic partner by eliminating mistakes made in the past. In essence, this book is meant to clear away problems that have been roadblocks to finding and keeping a mate that is most suitable for both of you. Included are answers to the following steps:

  • How did I get in this fix in the first place?
  • How to use the Ideal Mate Profile to find the partner that best matches you.
  • How to identify negative beliefs and behaviors which have sabotaged you in the past.
  • Learning the communication skills needed that will help attract anyone, anywhere, at  any time.
  • Where to look for your romantic partner.
  • How to keep love alive once you have found it.


therapistBe Your Own Therapist: Recipes for Emotional Health. Author: Susan Wright, LCSW PHD.

Creative Live Change Books, Corte Madera, CA. ISBN 1-56550-093-8.  Available at creativelife, from Amazon or from the author at This book has been published in ten languages.


If you can follow a recipe you can be your own therapist. Why spend months or years in therapy when this bestselling book offers a revolutionary and effective alternative you can learn on your own? The book is based upon Dr. Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy, the revolutionary discovery that launched the energy tapping movement that has transformed the field of psychological treatment.  The purpose is to share this with the general public. The method is safe, easy to learn, and is rapid and effective in alleviating all kinds of emotional stress; often in minutes. This breakthrough book makes it possible for anyone to learn how to heal themselves, using the step by step instructions. Today TFT is being used around the world and is transforming the lives of victims and the victims of war and natural disasters and related PTSD.


pet_therapist_cover_fnlBe Your Own Pet Therapist: Problem Prevention and Energy Based Recipes for Positive Pet Behavior. (New Second Edition) Author: Susan Wright, LCSW PHD.

Publisher: Creative Life Change Books, Corte Madera CA. ISBN 978-1448647552. Available from Amazon and and


You don’t have to be a pet psychic, trainer or ‘horse whisperer’ to change pet behavior when there is a better solution which approaches problem pets in a new, humane and revolutionary method that you can learn to do yourself! Thousands of pets are abandoned, given away or euthanized because their owners are frustrated by some aspect of pet behavior they don’t know how to change. Like us, a safe, secure, mentally and physically engaged pet will be well behaved. Pets share 98% of our neurological makeup and can be treated using the same energy tapping techniques that have revolutionized human behavioral psychology (see Be Your Own Therapist on this website). Picture and instructions will show you how to easily change objectionable behavior to positive by spending just a few minutes a day. Included is information  which explains everything you need to consider before bringing a new pet into your home, including information on pedigreed vs. non-pedigreed pets so that you can choose the pet  that  best fits your family. Learning the tapping methods is easy, fun to do, effective and will help you to solve existing problems and avoid future roadblocks.


preparation_surgeryPreparation for Surgery (audio tape and booklet). Author: Susan Wright, LCSW PHD. Available at


The author based this tape/booklet combination upon personal experience using Neurolinguistic Programming and related techniques. It is meant to prepare patients to overcome fears concerning pending surgery and to give them some control over decision making by participating with their physician in planning for future surgery, hospitalization, and returning home. The tape/booklet duo has been used by individuals and hospitals to successfully reduce pain fear and promote rapid healing.


organ-donorThe Organ Donor. Author: Cory Jason Wright (my son)

Published by Xlibris, The book is available on Amazon, Xlibris etc. and related sites. Also on Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter  etc.

Hard cover $19.95 Soft cover $12.95

Move over Hannibal Lecter, the Organ Donor is here! Sending untraceable organs, in Part I,  to the Glasgow, Scotland Metropolitan Police, and in Part II, to the NYPD, this clever serial killer confounds detectives and frightens the citizens on two continents.  The twists and turns of this original plot leave the readers in suspense, wondering what could possibly happen next. Frustrated, the police officers find themselves without clues, rendering them unable to solve these horrible crimes and bring the Organ Donor to justice. This is a one of a kind book with a one of a kind genius serial killer new to mystery fans of all ages. A script treatment is currently being developed for movies or television. If you are interested in viewing the screen treatment please contact Susan Wright at