Welcome to the Creative Life Change Institute
— Website for Dr. Susan Wright

Creative Life Change Institute was created as the training, counseling and publishing center for the promotion of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and related energy psychology techniques. Dr. Susan Wright is the founder and director. The Institute offers training kits, and the preparation you will need to become certified in Thought Field Therapy. More advanced techniques are also offered. CE’s available for participants.

Dr. Wright has been a licensed practicing psychotherapist for over 40 years. Her education includes:
• Cornell University, BA Cum Laude
• Adelphi University, MSW
• Columbia Pacific University, Ph.D. in Social Work and Education.

As an author, speaker, trainer, consultant and conference presenter, initially trained in traditional forms of therapy, Dr. Wright went on to study and train others in nontraditional techniques as they continued developing in the field. As a result she has a huge storehouse of knowledge and experience from which to draw.

Dr. Wright’s primary focus is on Thought Field therapy because it is so fast, safe and effective. She had the good fortune to study with Dr. Roger Callahan, the Sigmund Freud of energy psychology, while he was developing and perfecting the TFT techniques and discoveries which would become the foundation of what is now recognized as the field of Energy Psychology.

In the past, Dr. Wright created and directed two nonprofit organizations based upon meeting the needs of multiethnic women and children in San Francisco which attracted both local and national attention. She is a healer who loves working with people and watching them grow and prosper. Her books reflect her belief that, by learning Energy Tapping, anyone can be taught the techniques to treat and heal themselves.